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I learned how to make these a while ago, and I couldn't quite remember how. Thanks for the reminder! When I learned, I was taught to use 5 sheets of tissue paper. That way they are a lot fuller- but I suppose you can use however many sheets you want.

Red Tissue Paper 20x30

Am I a terrible mother for bribing my kids with candy in order to get them to eat their dinners?  I feel guilty and a little bit embarrassed for admitting it, but almost every day I use the parenting cliche 8775 If you 8767 re hungry enough to eat candy, then you 8767 re hungry enough to finish your dinner! 8776 Without it, my girls would barely eat anything! So w hen I pulled these out last night, my girls got SO excited that they immediately gobbled up everything on their plates! (Score for me!) They were like a little present, sitting on the table, silently calling 8775 eat-your-dinner-so-you-can-open-me-up! 8776  

Christmas Tissue Paper - Holiday Tissue Paper - Miles Kimball

Just in time for the start of wedding season and Mother 8767 s Day, here 8767 s an easy how-to for beautiful tissue paper roses. They might look time-consuming to make, but reading these directions will probably take you more time than it does to make them!

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These are brilliant, so simple but so cute! My kids were always told if you are hungry for sweets (UK candy!) then you are hungry for dinner and they 8767 ve all turned out ok I think!

You shouldn't have any problems with them holdi shape. My kids and I made some for my mom probably 65 years ago. She has them in her bedroom amd they sti look good. Little dusty lol.

I would like to use this idea in a Round Up I 8767 m doing for Thanksgiving for teens. Would you be okay with me sharing one photo? I would be sure to link back to your blog for the instructions and details 🙂

pumpkin pinatas!! so precious!! I love these! And anyway youcan get them to eat is a win!
Here from Inspire Me Monday.

[ ] Tissue Paper Pumpkins If you don 8767 t have the time to bake but still want to do something different, then these little pumpkin parcels are super easy and really cute! Fill them with lots of mini sweets and you have a lovely present for your little trick or treaters. [ ]

As long as they are not exposed to water or humidity they will hold their shape just fine. I made these for a baby shower and was able to reuse them over a month later when the baby was born. You can also do all the cutting and folding in advance and fluff them up later. Once they are fluffed they are much more fragile and take up way more space.

Gorgeous! I would love to do this for my wedding centrepieces. If I made them a few weeks before do you think they would hold their shape?

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