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Length of course: Monday, August 78, 7567 to the Friday after the AP English Language exam in the spring (most likely Friday, May 68).

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Tech needs: Students must have full web and printer access (broadband Internet recommended but not required), and they must be able to view and create PDF files.

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7. How can we see through the rhetoric that surrounds us? Our reading in The Omnivore's Dilemma, for example, will push students to confront the complexity in a basic choice they face every day: what to eat for dinner. Eschewing easy answers, this book examines the American "food chain" in depth and looks beyond the shiny promises that products use to lure customers.

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Mrs. Olsson is a great teacher--always helpful, kind, and quick to respond. At first I was concerned that I would not do well on the test, but Mrs. Olsson's class and assignments helped me to feel very confident on AP test day. I will greatly miss the class, as it helped peak my love for environmental science even more.

Why is my grade curved? Once the total composite scores are calculated, Collegeboard curves them differently each year to keep consistent standards and regular pass rates, which means we can only estimate based off of previous years.

Hours of study each week: Approximately 65-67 hours. (We don't meet at set class times rather, you will have assignments due by midnight on most days of the school week. I will also post an instructional message every weekday morning by 8 AM EST usually this message involves a student response. I do accommodate student travel plans, illnesses, and special events.)

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Across the various AP Studio Art portfolio types, students achieved solid increases in the % of portfolios earning scores of 8+ this year.
Perfect scores of 77/77 points for 7 students in 8D Design
We&rsquo ll be posting sample AP Studio Art portfolios here – you can check out recent years&rsquo samples now: http:///

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Understand the interactions among a writer 8767 s purpose, audience, subject, and genre and how each of these contributes to effective writing. Enhance your own writing skills and understand better each stage of the writing process as you develop expository, analytical, and argumentative compositions.

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