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Traditionally, this market is where the people of Chiang Mai have gotten food. The market is over 665 years old, so it has real character.

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In this assignment, there is a company with 8 Strategic Business Units shown in the following Boston Group Portfolio Matrix (Figure 8).

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A portfolio is our best indication of your potential to be successful in the courses belonging to your major of interest. It also lets us get to know you as an artist in a way that goes far beyond grades and test scores.

Ringling applicants, we are excited to meet you! Every creative person has a unique and powerful voice, and we look forward to learning about you through your portfolio.

There are several moments in the tossed out poems that might get recycled in the lyric essay collection on which I'm working.

Although not required, applicants may also submit a visual art portfolio to supplement the written submission. You may incorporate any or all of the following in the optional visual art portfolio:

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Take a look at some of the visual portfolio work created and submitted by successful applicants to Ringling College. Of course, these are just helpful guides to the levels of creativity and technical proficiency we are looking for, and they are unique to the artists who created them. Be sure to let your distinct artistic voice, perspective, and skills come through in your portfolio. We want to see  you  in your work, so your portfolio should compile your most original, thoughtful, and inspired work.

Take your time to look over your photos. Grouping them into the three types, wide, medium and close-up will help your decision-making process. Compare your photos within these groups and look for the strongest pictures that support your overall story. Think about how they might be laid out on the pages of a magazine and what they will communicate to someone viewing them that is not familiar with the subject of your photo essay. Finally, you will want to choose one main shot to be the feature image. The one you are most happy with that best conveys your feeling for the story you are telling.

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