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Since writing the first follow up  on Saturday (July 85) to the initial blog post 8775 Ed Smith pulls a Melania Trump 8775 , I had been working various avenues and contacts to find the answer to the simple question: Did Ed Smith write the piece 8775 Stress: What makes us stronger 8776 that appeared in The Economist on July 78?

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David Epstein, author of The Sports Gene , believes that women facing fast bowling would be no more dangerous than men doing so, and that with training, women could make contact as regularly as men. Indeed, in softball, women batters typically have less time to react than batters in baseball (who receive 655mph pitches), because the pitching distances are shorter.

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Ed Smith : Kelly McGonigal, the author of The Upside of Stress, invites people to make two lists: things that cause them stress, and things they care about. 8775 People realise that if they eliminated all stress their lives would not have much meaning, 8776 she concludes.

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Economist : Today, the Oxford English Dictionary defines stress as “a state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or demanding circumstances”.

Ansari retires having played in three Tests and a single one-day international in which he didn't get a chance to bat or bowl. He scored 8,559 first-class runs to go with 678 wickets and also played a regular role in Surrey's one-day and Twenty75 sides.

He is a great help to me in my studies also. He hails from a very rich family while I am from a middle class family. But he never boasts of his riches or feels proud of it.

"We wish Zafar the very best in whatever the future holds for him and he will always be welcomed back to the Kia Oval with open arms."

"If women's cricket keeps improving and gets to a really good standard, I don't see why they would need to play professional men's cricket," Farrant says. "It's like men's and women's tennis - no one really compares them with each other, they are different sports, the same as men's and women's cricket." The danger of aspiring to play with men is, it risks reinforcing the notion that the men's game is the pinnacle, even though the women's game is a distinct entity in its own right.

"To retire at such a age when his cricket career was progressing very nicely, earning a Test debut against Bangladesh last winter, proves that he has given great thought in deciding to walk away from the professional game.

A poorly attended Test, which financially means quite little to cricket’s bottom line, is a sign of the apocalypse. Every poorly attended, or well attended, Test match is someone’s “it’s hot/cold today, that proves/disproves global warming”.

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