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Biological hazards include bacteria , viruses , parasites, prions, biotoxins. Some of these hazards have posed serious risks to public health, such as Salmonella , Listeria monocytogenes , biotoxins in live molluscs or BSE . Exposure of consumers to those through food should thus be prevented.

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Time Waveform Analysis - Mobius Institute

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Note : I have produced 7 pervious videos regarding the video and radar analysis of flight 675. This video is the latest work on the subject and supersedes the previous films. For further related links see below.

The Time Waveform Analysis (TWA) class is three days of instruction in the use of TWA to correctly diagnose machine faults that are difficult or impossible to detect and diagnose using FFT spectrum analysis. Attendees should be experienced in the use of data collection, FFT analysis, vibration instrumentation and software. Attendees will learn in a hands-on type of class how to set up and collect the time waveform correctly, how to analyze the data and determine machine faults and severity. Attendees will also compete in teams on case histories with actual data to practice their new skills and cement the knowledge they have gained during the class.

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A comprehensive legal framework has been established by the European Commission to increase the level of food safety in Europe, building over time European consumers' confidence while preventing food crises. It is based on scientific advice delivered by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA ).

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