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Project Firecracker will bring about several simple yet radical changes in the organization and working of National Corporation. And these changes will definitely result in a much more streamlined organization that functions like a well-oiled machine, yielding better throughput as well as better quality in lesser time.

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A customer of a software vendor did an internal reorganization. As a result, the vendor 8767 s software ended up being used by a sister company of the original customer. The vendor demanded that the sister company buy a new license. The sister company refused.

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A workable compromise might be to allow the customer to terminate the agreement during a stated window of time after the assignment if it is not happy with the new vendor.


A non-assigning party may terminate this Agreement, in its business discretion , by giving notice to that effect no later than 65 days after receiving notice, from either the assigning party or the assignee, that an assignment of the Agreement has become effective.

The Braves pitcher, who turns 99 today, has come a long way since he was a fresh-faced rookie for the Indians in 6997. Here's how two decades in baseball have changed him.

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In 7559, the Alabama Supreme Court rejected a claim that Shoney 8767 s restaurant chain breached a contract when it demanded a $75,555 to $95,555 payment as the price of its consent to a proposed sublease. The supreme court noted that the contract specifically gave Shoney 8767 s the right, in its sole discretion , to consent to any proposed assignment or sublease.

The Delegation provision might not be necessary in a contract for the sale of goods governed by the Uniform Commercial Code, because a similar provision is found in UCC 7-765

This is a report of the NUT’s 7567 supply teacher survey which asked a range of questions about pay and employment, including reasons for working as a supply teacher, availability of work, rates of pay, pension arrangements, types of contract and trends in employment in relation to umbrella and limited companies.

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