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99. Discuss the sources and actions of each of the following pairs of hormones in humans and describe the feedback mechanisms that control their release.

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The focus of the course is on understanding concepts rather than memorizing technical details and terminology. Laboratory work is a required element of all AP Bio courses, with an emphasis on the scientific method, problem solving, and research techniques.

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86. Describe the process of speciation. Include in your discussion the factors that may contribute to the maintenance of genetic isolation.

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6. Describe the structure of a eukaryotic plant cell. Indicate the ways in which a nonphotosynthetic prokaryotic cell would differ in structure from this generalized eukaryotic plant cell.

68. Describe the biogeochemical cycles of carbon and nitrogen. Trace these elements from the point of their release from a decaying animal to their incorporation into a living animal.

66. A group of students designed an experiment to measure transpiration rates in a particular species of herbaceous plant. Plants were divided into four groups and were exposed to the following conditions.

Lecture Slides . A nice set of AP Bio PowerPoint notes from Mrs. Chou, organized by chapters of the Campbell textbook. Check out her midterm review slides as well.

66. The results below are measurements of cumulative oxygen consumption by germinating and dry seeds. Gas volume measurements were corrected for changes in temperature and pressure.

Barron 8767 s AP Biology with CD-ROM, 6th Edition. The Barron 8767 s book has also been updated for the new exam. Excellent reviews of each subject along with 7 full-length practice exams in the book and 7 more on the CD.

The AP Biology course is the equivalent of an introductory two-semester college biology course. It is designed for students who have already completed one year of high school biology and one year of chemistry. The four 8775 Big Ideas 8776 covered in the course are:

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