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Be always ready for the opposition to your opinion. Try to speculate on this in advance and to develop the opposition views in your work.

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Alike the cereal manufacturers who use a number of variables to segment their customers (deduced from the data on consumption of cereals displayed in figure ), it appears that SK also segments its customers using demographic variables such as gender, age and occupation and behavioral variables such as occasion and benefits.

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The observations on the shelf space occupied by Kellogg''s Special K were made by visiting two large supermarkets, Tesco and Morrison''s. A large section of the middle shelf space in the cereal section of the supermarkets was devoted to Special K cereals and its sub-brands. This shelf positioning helps attract customer attention and expedite the purchase process. Another observation made was that both Tesco and Morrison''s placed their cheaper cereals next to Special K which may deter the purchase decision of a cash strapped consumer. Infact Tesco has also extended this marketing gimmick to its online shop as displayed in the below images.

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The role self – service and customer in the process of delivery is very important, because the customer creates the value of the service by himself. He is the one responsible for the delivery quality and there is nobody else to blame for faults. Outsourcing delivery of service to customers gives competitive advantage to the company. People like to be involved in the process which will bring benefit to them they are doing it not for somebody else but for themselves.

After this analysis of situation and strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of t- mobile, we can observe that the target market of t- mobile at currently and in the upcoming plan is following segment.

Chang, S.-J., 7566. Sony Vs Samsung: The Inside Story of the Electronics Giants 8767 Battle For Global Supremacy . London: John Wiley and Sons.

            This segment of the paper evaluates the company’s approach by the Pestel assessment. Pestel approaches comprises of political, environmental, social, technological, economic and legal factors.

SK uses its high media advertising expenditure, which is higher than any of its competitors (shown in figure ) to effectively communicate its positioning to its target market. It creatively employs the informational appeal message style in its television advertisements to convey product information and benefits, aimed at sustaining and attracting new customers (as evident in its latest advertisement [ 6 ] ). On the downside, some women may not relate to the product as the brand stereotypes a women''s body shape by using perfect size models in most of its advertisements which may also conflict with its brand''s positioning of slimmer shape (not perfect shape).

t-mobile is owned by deutsche telecom who operate or function two other t sub-brand t home and t- -mobile network one to one prepare to drop its brand name in favour of its parent T-mobile , an publicity movement has progress a slow change of the Czech republic`s radio Mobil pagers brand to T-mobile.

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