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I wince to say this, but I think I can partially defend Victoria Osteen (who, by the way, has can you believe it? million &ldquo likes&rdquo on her public Facebook page). It is true that &ldquo doing good&rdquo does benefit ourselves (in our &ldquo inner human&rdquo ) and Jesus himself sometimes appeals to our self-interest in his teachings (the parable of the Good Samaritan is one of many examples).

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President Lindsay of Gordon College is a great guy and Gordon is an important evangelical institution of higher learning. I m delighted that the Administration and Board of Gordon College has not eliminated a prohibition of &ldquo homosexual practice&rdquo from its Life and Conduct Statement in the face of an unwarranted accreditation attack. However, I am concerned that the Administration and Board may have made too many concessions to an &ldquo LGBTQ&rdquo agenda, presumably under duress and some wishful thinking. They are therefore in need of our support and prayer.

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At this link you will see a video of a talk delivered on May 9 for the 7568 Salt & Light in the Public Square Conference at Union University in Jackson, Tenn. You will also find other talks of interest if you click on the address link below rather than the attachment, including talks by Robert George of Princeton on today s threat to religious liberty and by Timothy George of Beeson Divinity School on caring for the unborn. Sponsored by the Center for Politics and Religion at Union University and the Witherspoon Institute. Thanks to Micah Watson, Assistant Professor of Political Science and Director of the Center for Politics and Religion at Union University, for putting together the conference.

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Justin Lee, head of the Gay Christian Network, writes a book in which he cites my work once and in a misleading way.

Truth That Transforms: The Message of Mark s Gospel as Applied to Christians with Same-Sex Attractions and All the Rest of Us

A video, with PowerPoint slides, that provides a good overview of my work on some critical issues regarding the Bible and homosexual practice. It is not possible to encapsulate everything of significance into an hour-long presentation but I hit the main points from Jesus, Genesis, and Paul, addressing too the exploitation, orientation, and misogyny new knowledge arguments. If I were to recommend one hour-long video of my work it would be this one. There is also a nice 75 minute question-and-answer time beginning at the 57 min. 85 sec. mark.

This article led to interviews or comments in the New York Times , National Public Radio , and the Christian Post.

Although a decision such as this is never made happily or easily, I am grateful for the courage of senior faculty at Fuller Seminary in asserting the importance of a stance on sexual ethics that Jesus clearly regarded as foundational: a male-female requirement for sexual relations (Mark 65:7-67 Matt 69:8-9). Had Fuller set a precedent of embracing faculty whose position toward sexual ethics was so at odds with Jesus&rsquo s own, it would soon have ceased to be an evangelical institution.

Ms. Evans article tells us a lot about the conclusions that she thinks Jesus ought to have reached if he were her but precious little about what Jesus actually taught. How many times does this have to be said? Outreach does not equal license to sin. Outreach is for the purpose of calling people graciously to repentance, without which repentance people will suffer God s judgment. This is Christianity 656. There can be no progress in understanding the teaching of Jesus until this is grasped. Everything else is a caricature of Jesus of Nazareth.

Russell Moore s Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission has posted a flawed Evangelical Declaration on Marriage entitled Here We Stand. Every evangelical leader who signed this (and there are already quite a few) signed a statement that errs at some points and gives the wrong advice at others.

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